The Home Buying Process in SW Riverside County, California

Because there are so many people that work out of the area, many of our buyers work and commute to San Diego Orange County, or Los Angeles. So they may be used to different procedures for buying and selling real estate. For first-time homebuyers, the entire home buying process in Temecula is new. This article is written for both experienced buyers who may be unfamiliar with our customary procedures, as well as first-time buyers ready to dive into the real estate market.

The Home Buying Process in the Temecula Valley is Broken Down into Simple Steps

  1. Pre-approval (or pre-qualification)
  2. Home Shopping
  3. Offer and Negotiation
  4. Due Diligence
  5. Pre-Closing and Title
  6. Closing
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Getting Pre-Approved

The first step to the home buying process in Asheville is having a realistic expectation of what you can borrow from a lender. While you may be comfortable with a higher monthly payment, a lender is bound by certain requirements to keep your monthly payment within a certain range (relative to your income and other debts). So b